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How to make these cute rainbow cupcakes!

Both rainbows & cupcakes have been gracing top 10 favourite lists for years....well WE think they should be how bout combining rainbows AND cupcakes for an instant win!

Bake a batch of your favourite cupcakes- we've used different coloured cases but any bright coloured ones will look good- then wait till cool.

We've used a #12 piping tip to pipe our clouds. Squeeze your piping bag evenly till your cloud blob (technical term) is the size you would like it then pull away to form a peak. No two clouds are the same, irregular clouds just have more personality :-) 

To give your clouds a bit of a sparkle you could lightly dust with a lustre dust like our snowflake edible lustre. 

Once you have your clouds looking nice and cloudy, add your edible rainbow decorations and you're done!

ps- we use a Wilton coupler to attach our piping tip to our bag.

Happy decorating! 

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