Edible Images

The quality of the licensed (character) images we receive has drastically reduced over the last year or so, they are being produced a lot thinner & softer than they were originally, making some of them impossible to remove from the backing sheet. 

Since we've had quite a few disappointed customers with soft crumbly images we have decided to no longer stock these images- the cupcake images are printed on a different paper & are fine so we'll continue to stock these.

Edible images are a quick & easy way of achieving a professional looking cake!

Just peel the backing from the image, trim off the white edge & place on your cake. If you're using fondant icing just dampen it slightly and place the image on.

We can also reproduce your own photo as an edible image & send it to you with your order- just email it through!

Check our our custom edible image page for more details!