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Icing Colours

Our Chefmaster gel colours are what we use most often for our cakes, the colours are much stronger than supermarket liquid colours- the red is actually red! They can be used to colour fondant, gum paste, royal icing, buttercream & even your cake batter.

Gel colours aren't really suitable for colouring chocolate as their water content can make chocolate seize up if you add too much.

Colour Mill is an oil based colour which works great with chocolate- and other kinds of icing.

Powder colours can also be used with chocolate & other icings.

If you're using buttercream icing & your colours aren't looking as strong as you would like there are a couple of things you can do- add more icing sugar, as this is what brings out the colour- it doesn't adhere as well to the fats (butter/snocreme), you may also need to add more milk if the icing sugar makes it a bit stiff.

Another option to bring colour out is to put the icing in the fridge till it hardens, then microwave it 10 seconds at a time whilst mixing in between till it's the correct consistency- the slight heat will bring out the colour.

  1. colour mill- Green 100ml
  2. colour mill- Teal 100ml
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  3. colour mill- White 100ml
    Sold Out
  4. colour mill- Royal 100ml
    Sold Out
  5. colour mill- Black 100ml
    Sold Out
  6. colour mill- Purple 100ml
    Sold Out
  7. colour mill- Yellow 100ml
  8. colour mill- Red 100ml
  9. colour mill- Hot Pink 100ml
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  10. Black Cocoa 500g
  11. Wilton White - White Icing Colour
  12. Liqua-Gel Colour- Violet
  13. Chefmaster Liqua Gel- Gold
  14. Liqua Gel- Forest Green
  15. Liqua-Gel Colour- Teal
    Sold Out
  16. Gel Colour- Super Red
  17. Liqua Gel- Royal Blue
  18. Liqua Gel- Bakers Rose
  19. Liqua-Gel Colour- Black
  20. Liqua-Gel Colour Fuchsia Pink
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  21. Liqua-Gel Colour- Sky Blue
  22. Liqua-Gel Colour- Orange
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  23. Liqua-Gel Colour- White
  24. Gel Colour- Buckeye Brown , icing colours


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