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Terms Conditions & Cake Care.


  • A deposit of 50% of the cake cost is required at least one week before pick up. Delivery cakes -100% by the week before.
  • For wedding cakes, a deposit of 50% is required at least 3 weeks before pick up.
  • Orders without a deposit will be considered canceled.
  • We also have Laybuy as an option for payment
  • Cakes can be paid off gradually in advance of pick up.
  • All cakes must be paid in full at or before pick up.


  • Let us know as soon as you think an event may not be happening
  • Cancellations made at least 7 days before pick up will incur admin costs of 20% of the total deposit paid- eg $100 paid- $80 refunded $20 retained. This is capped at $50.
  • The deposit may be moved to another cake/event at a later date with no loss of deposit- if we have availability.
  • Or a smaller, family size cake can be ordered instead with any extra deposit being refunded
  • Orders canceled within 7 days of pick up will receive less refund depending on the amount of work completed.
  • Finished cakes will incur full payment.
  • If you have to postpone your event due to a last-minute issue- most cakes can be frozen till required- to be frozen by the customer.
  • If you have to cancel because of a change in covid restrictions, we retain 10% instead of 20%- unless we are already in a level other than 1 when you ordered- or the cake has been started. Cakes can be postponed at no charge if not already started.

Transporting your cake

  • Cakes must be transported in a flat place in your car- especially tiered cakes. We recommend the boot or floor. If a tiered cake is placed on a car seat, the angle could cause the cake to collapse.
  • Tiered cakes are carefully constructed with supports inside. We will not be responsible for cakes broken in transit. Please ensure you bring an appropriate vehicle to collect your cake & drive carefully.
  • Any repairs to cakes damaged in transit (if we are able to) will incur an extra cost.
  • Don't leave your cake in a hot car, use air conditioning in summer.

Cake care

  • Our cakes are generally best kept out of the fridge, especially fondant iced cakes or cakes with fondant decorations.
  • When cold items are removed from the fridge condensation forms, this can make fondant icing & decorations go sticky/melt.
  • Store your cake in a cool place out of direct sunlight. If you feel it could be getting a bit hot for your cake, place in the fridge for around 30 minutes, especially before transporting on a hot day.


  • Please choose cake flavours carefully, no refunds will be made if you don't like the flavour. We have cake tastings every Saturday morning if you haven't tried our cakes before.
  • No refunds will be given for a cake returned more than 1/4 eaten. Any returns must be made the following day after the event, or Monday if your event is on a weekend.
  • In the extremely rare event that a cake is returned any refunds are at our discretion. Please check your cake on pick up.

All orders are taken under the assumption that these conditions are accepted by the customer. Please do not order if you do not accept these conditions.