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Bake Only- Freezer Cakes

These cakes are what we have available in store for sale right now (anything that doesn't say sold out), they can be collected any time we're open- 9-4.30 week days & 9-1 Saturdays- we're closed all public holidays.

Please mention in the notes when you would like to collect your cake & if you'd like it to be put aside in the freezer or to be removed. 

We don't always receive notifications of orders right away so if you're coming soon, you're welcome to give us a call- 2793350.

Because these cakes are also available to in store customers, there is a very small chance that someone may be about to purchase the same cake just after you put your order through, you're welcome to call just in case.

If you order around a week in advance you're welcome to custom order a cake here

  • $15.30