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Black Cocoa 500g

500 g pack of Equagold black cocoa. Great for colouring buttercream black.

Not flavoured as standard cocoa, a more neutral taste.

This magnificent rich Black Dutch Cocoa powder is very mellow, non-bitter, and very black. Using Equagold's Black Dutch Cocoa will turn your baked goods a beautiful deep, naturally dark black colour. Black Cocoa is simply a Cocoa powder that is heavily Dutched. If you've been to a café, restaurant, ice cream parlor or any eating establishment and they have served a decadent treat that has a natural colour as deep and dark as an Oreo cookie, then this is how they got it, using Black Cocoa powder.

  • Equagold Premium Dutch Cocoa has 21-22% Cocoa butter content
  • Black Cocoa Powder has 11% Cocoa butter content.
  • $20.90