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Edible Images- Holden Logos

Can be used for cupcakes or on a cake. The pink is there as a guide for cutting out the oval & circles but can also be left in for a bit of colour.

Just cut around them with scissors, remove the plastic backing & place on your cake. Just brush or dab a small amount of water onto your fondant iced cake to make them stick. For soft icings placing on fondant as below would work best.

For upright logos on cupcakes or cakes with icing that may go through such as chocolate ganache- roll out some white fondant until it's around 2-3 mm thick, dampen evenly with a pastry brush or a handee towel, place on your cut out images & cut around. 

Sheet is around A4 size.


They can be brought a few weeks in advance & left in the bag until use.

  • $17.00